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網頁設計作品, 響應式RWD網頁設計
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Dazzlezilla 網頁設計規劃、科技公司網站設計作品、科技公司網頁設計


RWD響應式網頁設計, 網站美學設計, UI設計, 客製型形象攝影, 影片置入, 複合式動態影像集展示, 嵌入社群原件, 嵌入Google Map地圖,複合式表單設計 , SEO工具設置, 繁、英多國語系網站設計。


Dazzlezilla is heading towards becoming the high-tech optical company in Taiwan. Optical reflective technology enables light to go through zero-impurity glass beads from Japan that refract different colors. A variety of safe and fashionable reflective films are developed based on various combinations and layering of substrates and glass beads. Our technologies are applied to apparel, footwear, indoor/outdoor products, sporting goods equipment. These products can be used in camping, seaside, and skiing venues. Wherever you are or want to be, we can be there with you. We contribute to the daily convenience with distinctive top of the line product characteristics.